Steam Audio API  2.0-beta.20
Steam Audio API Documentation

Steam Audio is a software tool that offers a full-featured, end-to-end spatial audio solution for games and VR.It renders accurate positional audio using Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs), and uses physics-based sound propagation to create reverb, reflection, and occlusion effects that recreate how sounds are affected by the virtual environment. Sound propagation and reverb effects can be calculated on-the-fly during gameplay, or during level design as part of a process called baking; using baked propagation effects lets you reduce the CPU overhead at runtime, at the cost of increased memory usage.

The Steam Audio C API lets you integrate Steam Audio into applications built using custom game engines or audio middleware. Steam Audio supports several game engines and audio middleware out of the box; for a full list refer to the User's Guide. If your application uses a game engine or audio middleware that is not on the supported list, you will need to use this C API.

This document describes the concepts required to use the Steam Audio C API, and provides a complete API reference.